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    Donation for Online Practice Programme (General Support)

    Thank you for your support and generosity – we know you are there and we are very happy.

    Our financial condition shouldn’t be an obstacle for the practice, we are happy to offer a donation-based program so that everyone has a chance to practice.

    Donation is a deep practice of meditation. It is a practice of transformation of material into energy of wisdom.

    – Matter can become matter

    – Matter can become energy

    – Energy can become energy

    – Energy can become matter

    Your happiness can become a material donation, the material donation can become food, shelter and the health of the monastic community.

    Your donation also may become our peace and happiness, may become the insight of Interbeing, compassion and freedom, etc.

    The continuation of the monastery is also your continuation for future generations. The monastics contribute the practice and service, and for those of you who have enough financial stability, you can contribute the material. We are hand in hand serving all beings, generating peace and happiness, and keeping Mother Earth as the most precious jewel of the cosmos.

    We feel deeply grateful to receive your support.

    With your help we can continue to generate healing and compassion in the world by sharing the Dharma online, offering our mindfulness practice to help embrace the feelings of fear, pain and uncertainty, cultivating peace and happiness.

    You can freely choose whether to offer more or less than the suggested amount. Any gift will be very supportive and deeply appreciated.

    If you feel moved to offer monthly support, you may do so here.

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