Financial Support for Weekend Retreat 2022

Offered by the New Hamlet sisters

Dear friends,

2,600 years ago, the Buddha lived on donations. Him and his monks went to the nearby villages every morning for their alms round. They would stop at houses of the poor, and houses of the rich. People would give them what they could. The Buddha did not avoid the houses of the poor because their food was not as good, and he did not only visit houses of the rich because they had more to give. Without discrimination, everyone had the opportunity to meet Buddha and his teachings.

At Plum Village, we are continuing this tradition of reaching out to friends for support. Without you, we cannot be. Your donations help us to continue sharing the Dharma and supporting those who need a safe and solid refuge. The tradition of living on the generosity of friends helps us be aware of the interdependent nature of our lives.

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