The Plum Village scholarship program for young people from the Middle East

Middle East Wake Up

€8,202 of €10,000 raised

For several years, monastics from Plum Village have travelled to Palestine and Israel to share the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and the practice of mindfulness. In recent years we have found that the young people of this region are ready to discover new ways of seeing the world and dealing with their suffering.

Because of the hope that our visits have given us, we would like to create an opportunity for young people of the Middle East to attend the Wake Up Retreat at Plum Village. To do this, we need your help.

The difficulties faced by anyone from the Middle East, particularly Palestinians, travelling outside their country can be overwhelming and expensive (border taxes and visa can be as much as 350 euros per person or more).

These hurdles notwithstanding, Plum Village would like to host twenty young people from the Middle East region annually for the Wake Up Retreat.

Will you help us bring these young men and women to Plum Village where they can heal and experience peace and joy?

If you would like to help a young person, please consider donating (part of) 500 euro to cover their visa and border tax expenses. In all we need 10.000 euro each year to welcome twenty young people. The visitors themselves will contribute what they can to their travel expenses, and Plum Village will support them with food and lodging during their stay.

Please help us promote peace and compassion in the Middle East by planting seeds of mindfulness in the future generations. We offer our deepest thanks and gratitude for any gift you can give.

A few words from Amir who joined our Wake Up retreat in 2018:

“Plum Village has restored peace within my warring soul. I have learned to appreciate the calm and subtle moments in an experience. I have learned to reach a meditative state, no matter the circumstance.” – Amir

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