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    New Hamlet

    The young and lively community of sisters at the New Hamlet, near Duras, greatly appreciate your support as we continue to develop and expand our beautiful hamlet.

    Many of us all over the world have magical memories of walking up the New Hamlet hillside with our Beloved Teacher, and turning around at the top to see the rows of plum trees rolling down below us and the beautiful rural landscape stretching to the horizon.

    In recent years, here at the New Hamlet we have been able to add a porch to the Meditation Hall, refurbish our main retreatants bathroom and cultivate a beautiful permaculture vegetable garden on new land purchased across the road.

    Now we are embarking on a project to develop our facilities, in particular bathrooms and additional spaces for our children’s and teens programs, so we can receive as many retreatants as possible in our busy, international Summer Retreat.

    We see the deep need of so many people to come to experience the practice and powerful collective energy of the retreat, but without the infrastructure our site simply cannot cope with the numbers, and we have had to turn many people away.

    We are grateful for any contributions you can offer towards this work, which will allow us to share the practice with many more people in the years to come.

    Please support us by not make your payment for your reservation via our donation system. You will receive an email with our payment instructions for your reservation.

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